8 tips to improve your ballet

Ballet is something that you might have taken classes in when you were younger. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication to perfect the art, but it can also be very rewarding. Ballet requires strength, endurance, discipline, and flexibility. The physical demands are high so your body needs to be ready for the challenge.

To get started with ballet or take it up again later in life here are some tips on how to improve your skills:

1) Practice morning exercises every day before class.  

2) Stretch at least five minutes before starting any exercise routine.

3) Take breaks often during practice time because muscles need rest too!

4) Maintain a straight back position throughout the entire duration of class (including during pirouettes). This will keep tension out of your lower back muscles which can lead.

5) Do not hold tension in your neck and shoulders; this will cause you to tense up and potentially injure yourself. Keep your neck long and maintain an upright posture with relaxed shoulders. Your arms should also be loose, floating at your sides rather than rigidly held by the side of your body or clenched tightly in front of you.

6) Beginner dancers often have difficulty with balance on relevé – try using the barre as much as possible while practicing.

7) When dancing en pointe, hold onto points or another dancer’s hand so you don’t fall over when turning around in a pirouette.

8) Practice turning correctly by going from second position without crossing your feet and pivoting on one foot while pointing the other out at 45 degrees.