The Ballet PingPong Champion

It is not just a matter of the skills in ping pong that makes you the best ping pong player in the world. It is also the physical fitness that also plays a vital role to maintain the balance and agility levels to enhance performance in the sporting game. It is not easy to be placed in a ping pong world ranking calendar. You have to sacrifice and work hard if not smart. Let us look at some of the reasons why dancing ballet has a positive effect on the ping pong.

Ping pong is a brain game that also requires a lot of physical exercises to make sure the ball falls at the right place or rather to take it back to the opponent before a fall. Ballet helps in the following areas

Enhances arm strength

Although it looks like a simple exercise, it is more than cardio. It is equal to weight lifting. This is helpful to a ping pong player when you face an opponent who takes you many sets just to get a winner. It reached a point in the ping pong championship where it is your strength levels that aids in the win.

Increases endurance level

You need the stamina in ping pong to have the swift movement when trying to save the ball from your opponent. Ballet is renowned for enhancing one’s endurance levels not only in the game but also in the day t day activities.

Improves coordination

The combination of the brain activity and physical exercises involved in the game means that the player must have the best coordination which is got overtime. A ballet dancer has no issues when it comes to coordination because this is something he practices and it has become his way of life. In the indoor game, it is a walkover. This is an added advantage in the high-level games where you not only need the skills but also proper body coordination.

Takes care of flexibility

The stretching that is involved in the dance has a lot to do with enhancing a ping pong players flexibility. This means that they can swing into action to save a ball either at lower or higher or medium heights. Thanks to the good body control that is enhanced in ballet dancing.

Proper cognitive development

This is a mind game. In ballet dancing you do not just move, you have to coordinate the moves such that should unconsciously process them in the mid before you allow the body to take charge, This is a fast process that happens virtually just like the computer software operations.

Increases energy levels

Ping pong is a physical activity that needs a lot of energy. Ballet training aids in the production of endorphins which takes care of a positive attitude and improved spirit this has a hand in increasing the energy levels.

Ballet is not just dancing for fun. It has a tremendous impact on ping pong players who need a sharp brain in line with a fit body to manage all the moves needed in the game.