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Xtend Barre Provo

Xtend Barre Provo

4801 North University Ave. #410
Provo, Utah 84604

Phone: 805-657-9529




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Nicole Strong - Studio Owner

Nicole is a Southern California native and active mother of 3. Sports and exercise have always been an important part of her life. She grew up playing water polo and doing competitive swimming from a young age. She graduated from BYU-Idaho in health sciences and later earned her ultrasound certificate. Being a mother and ultrasonographer she didn't have a lot of time for fitness and wanted to find something in under an hour that left her sore and feeling accomplished after every work out. When she found Xtend Barre she fell in love immediately. She was hooked on how it made her feel and how it changed her body. She is thrilled to introduce the first Xtend Barre to Utah Valley.

Jacinth Bybee - Instructor

Jacinth is a Colorado native who moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University where she majored in Exercise and Wellness. While growing up she always lived a very active lifestyle with a love for figure skating, volleyball, and swimming. After moving to Utah she began taking fitness classes at a local gym and attended a mat Pilates class, this is where her love for Pilates began. Since that first mat class she has taken many reformer classes and has been classically trained for the last year and a half. Jacinth loves the 55 min. combination of Pilates, cardio and dance that Xtend Barre offers, and most of all she loves the results. Her passion for fitness, nutrition and teaching will light a spark in others and help people achieve their fitness goals. Now a permanent Utah resident Jacinth is excited to help introduce Xtend Barre to Utah Valley.

Stacy Goulding - Instructor

Stacy's passion for health and fitness started at a young age. She was heavily involved in dance as well as cross-training with kickboxing, yoga, and pilates. Stacy has taught dance for over ten years in multiple genres: ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, and Irish. She received ballet scholarships from Utah Valley University and graduated in Health Education. She enjoys Xtend Barre, because it provides ballet toning without the tutu and tights. It achieves a total body workout in 55 minutes. Along with Xtend Barre, Stacy is passionate about working with adolescents. She teaches at a local high school for at-risk youth.

Allison Petersen - Instructor

Allison has been in the Fitness industry for 7 years and has taught everything from cycle to zumba to Pilates. Allison is Group Fitness certified through both ACE and AFAA as well as a Personal Trainer through NCSF. The first time Allison heard about Xtend Barre she knew she had found a new passion. Xtend Barre combines the best of both worlds in bringing dance and pilates together into a fast-paced combo where the time flies and results come quickly. Allison considers herself a fitness activist and believes everyone can find a workout they enjoy because it doesn’t have to be boring! Working out is the best part of everyday for Allison, come try her class and see why!

Robyn Lenker - Instructor

Robyn grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada where she took ballet jazz nearly every day as well as cheerleading for her High School. Her professional career culminated when she danced and choreographed professionally as a member of the Utah Jazz Dance team. She taught ballet and jazz for five years until her first child was born. Robyn has always put a large emphasis on staying fit and active. As the mother of five busy children it has become more difficult to find a workout that would not only give desired results, but could also be done in a short period of time. After being introduced to Xtend Barre she knew after her first workout that she had discovered something special. "I love Xtend Barre because it has many of the aspects of ballet that I love but it can accommodate to any fitness level. I feel like it was designed specifically for me and I am so excited to share this amazing workout with others here in Utah."

Amy - Instructor

Fitness has always been a big part of Amy’s life. At the age of 12, she decided she wanted to become a fitness instructor. She started making up routines in 8th grade and that goal consumed her. At 18 years old, she got certified through AFAA and realized that she needed to become a bigger thinker. Her passion for fitness has never stopped. Amy has taught and trained thousands of people over the last 15 years and continues to do so every day. She studied Exercise Science at UVU, with a focus on exercise programming and nutrition. She’s certified in multiple group fitness formats and has taught just about anything you can teach! She owns and operates, and is also a marathoner and biker and believes & understands firsthand the importance of muscle confusion and cross training. Xtend Barre does just that. It keeps your body guessing and challenged. Even with the extensive fitness background Amy was surprised how quickly she started seeing results with her own body at Xtend!

Jamie - Instructor

Wife, new mom to a beautiful girl, health and fitness lover! Fell in love with Xtend instantly after seeing the amazing results in her post-partum body and can't wait to share those results with Utah County!

Missy - Instructor

Missy comes to Xtend Barre with a background as a ballet dancer since the age of 4. She has been teaching ballet for over 10 years and is excited to expand into the field of fitness. Missy loves Xtend Barre because it creates a union between her passion for dance and fitness while providing a complete workout in one class.

Kendra - Instructor

Kendra, a California Native, has been a professional performer for over 15 years and has taught and choreographed dance for over 14 years. After finishing a National Musical Tour, being an avid outdoor enthusiast, she settled in Salt Lake City. Searching for a new and fresh way to stay active in the fitness world while keeping dance closely involved, she was introduced to Xtend Barre. A total body workout involving both a dance and Pilate’s background, she absolutely fell in love with this workout and its results. Kendra has a passion for teaching and is excited to be a part of Xtend Barre SLC, and most importantly in helping others achieve their personal best. See you at the barre!