One of the most dangerous dancing styles is ballet. A ballet dancer has to undergo much physical stress, and for this, he or she needs proper rest and reliever. And in this scenario that toilet of a ballet dancer has to the perfect and able to fulfill his minimum requirement which will affect both his physical and mental strength.

1)DESIGN: It should have enough space to place a bathtub, a basin, a large mirror. Because when we are in tough and rough situations, the only place where we practice or share our thoughts is the bathroom. So make sure you have set all of them so properly. You can also use tiles or marble with ballet dancers picture or even add a painting of your best ballet moment. When you are going for the stage performance, while preparing yourself, it will inspire you a lot and will increase your mental strength.

2)HEATER: Try to add a water heater in your green toilet especially if you have a bathtub. Before going to the show, a long bath with cold water will help you to relax every one of your muscle. It will even increase blood circulation to your brain, and you will be able to concentrate properly in your ballet. Your mind will be refreshed as well.

After your performance, try to bath with hot water. Because ballot dancing gives your muscles quite a hard time and even reflexes leg muscles. So after the ballet dance, you might have severe pain in your body. Bathing with hot water will help to relax your muscles. It will even decrease the pain .so be sure you put a water heater in your toilet. And try to bath at least for 15 minutes before and after the show.

3)MATTRESS; Many of you may be thinking why I am talking about the mattress in here. But it’s important as well. Take an example, who loves to sing, sings in the bathroom. Who likes debate, talks to himself in the toilet’s mirror. So the person who loves ballet will try practicing in there as well. But most of the time, our toilets are slippery. So without having a proper water suction capable mattress, any accident can happen in the toilet while practicing. And as I told before topic, try to keep more free space than regular ones in the toilet.

4)MIRROR: Most of the easy to clean toilet have one or two small mirrors. But in a Ballet dancer toilet, at least one big mirror and one small mirror is required.No matter how much people praise you and your Outlook but unless you are satisfied with yourself, you won’t be happy. for a ballet dancer, before appearing on the show, her dress up and look has to be perfect. And for her satisfaction, it’s highly required that she check herself first. So try to keep one week mirror so she can check herself properly. She will also be able to talk to herself which will boost up her energy and mental strength

Ping pong is a great game which brings people of all ages together in a fun activity. Whether you would like to set up your ping pong table in your backyard or basement depends on a lot of factors. Ping pong played for competition purposes is usually placed on indoor tables. Even though any ping pong table can just be taken outdoors for recreation purposes, the weather conditions would require a customized table with specifications.

This is because tables made for outside pin pong are usually weather resistant, with their undercarriages made of either galvanized steel or plain concrete. The purpose of this is to ensure that the table is not easily moved by the wind. The surface of the table is also made in such a way that it is weather proof for purposes of preventing warping from the hot sun.

Due to the above factors, almost all outdoor ping pong tables are more costly than indoor tables. Table tennis expert Martin Hughes recommends that a person should only buy these outdoor tables if they are completely sure that they will always remain outdoors. All outdoor tables are likely to last longer as compared to indoor tables, making them a great investment.

Another important aspect of your ping pong table is its collapsibility. This refers to whether you would like your ping pong table to be open full time or not. Most people tend to dedicate a specific room for the table but you should also keep in mind that being able to collapse it will serve to reduce inconvenience by creating space. Some tables are also made in such a way that they have wheels on either side. This makes them easier to move and so the owner does not even have to fold it when trying to create space.

If a person is newly experienced in playing ping pong or around novice players then he would not really get much out of a high-end table beyond its likely durability or quality. However, in few cases, these expensive tables do not necessarily last any longer than the cheaper ones. For instance, if you are buying your table for a large community then you will definitely go for durability over performance because it is even common knowledge that people will not take good care of the items which they do not personally own.

Normally, the regulation table is made of a continuous material that is wood( This is great tournament purposes. Another specification for tournament based tables would be that the ball bounces over at least nine inches when it is dropped a foot over the ping pong table.

Apart from stimulating the brain cells, playing ping pong also helps to improve the balance for ballet by just using the tip of your toe while playing ping pong.

Introduced a few years ago was the invention of a ping pong shooter. Basically what this machine does is shoot balls from out of its front hole at speeds which could go up to 70 miles per hour. This technology which shoots balls would be great for those who actually participate in tournaments and want to be even faster when it comes to their reflexes.